Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Michigan Aerobatic Open Sponsored by MT-Propeller

Things are rolling right along in preparation for the July competition.  We have our box waiver completed with the FAA and personnel assignments coming along nicely.  Right now we are getting hotel rooms lined up, setting up the on-line contest registration and obtaining sponsors and planning for the coveted contest shirt and trophies.

MT-Propeller has agreed to sponsor the competition by contributing toward those cool shirts and we are very grateful!  I happen to fly a Pitts equipped with  the MT prop and it is great for many reasons, not the least of which is less wear and tear on the engine from gyroscopic forces - we really believe in this propeller.  Not to mention that it kicks butt and has less RPM overshoots than other props I've flown.

We definitely have room for additional sponsors.  If you are interested or have suggestions please comment or email me (see our IAC88 website for the Technical Advisor email address).  We've got contest brochures, sponsor banners, a big spot on the back of the polo shirts, contest flyers, on-line publicity and more that need YOUR business on them!